Staying FRSH


Refill bottles

A frshslab typically holds it's scent 8 to 10 weeks, depending on; how sensitive you are to the fragrances, the ambient temperature, if you often drive with the windows down, or the size of your car. Some say it only lasts 3 weeks, others report 20+ weeks.

Regardless of when the time comes, re-scenting your frshslab is easy with our Refill Bottles!👇🏼

How to re-scent your frshslabs?

Remove the frshslab from your car, to make sure you don't drip oil in unwanted areas. From here you have two options: either lay it on a flat surface with a napkin underneath, or place it in a plastic bag. Apply 5 - 10 drops on your frshslab, until evenly coated - You can add more or less oil to your liking. Once the wood completely absorbs the oil, or is saturated, you're ready to hang it back in your car.

Note: Avoid excess oil on your frshslab. Use a napkin to pat the wood dry as needed, before hanging it back in your car!

How to re-scent your frshslabs puck?

Remove the puck from your car, to make sure you don't drip oil in unwanted areas. With the lid open, squirt 5 - 10 drops onto the wood. That's it, you're ready to place it back in your car.

Note: Avoid placements slanted more than 45* or inverting your frshslabs puck, so that oil within does not seep into unwanted areas.